North Crest Logistics is a top-of-the-line, privately owned freight forwarding, delivery, and logistics provider, specializing in international services.

With a strong track record in handling sensitive consumer and industrial products, including popular technology items like network equipment, computers, and cell phones, North Crest Logistics is equipped to deliver your goods with the utmost care and efficiency.

Using cutting edge, bespoke software systems, we are able to provide real-time updates and ensure timely and effective processes throughout the entire supply chain. Our systems are fully EDI capable, allowing for seamless communication with your trading partners for complete visibility of your products.

Our global network of regional hubs offers a wide range of essential services in technology, logistics, IT, and security, catering to both our clients and partners worldwide. With secure services in over 160 countries and support for over 14,000 employees globally, including government departments, we guarantee the safe and timely delivery of information and goods, without compromise.